Red Capers #28

2 thoughts on “Red Capers #28

  1. You guys are amazing! Your humor and playfulness is contagious. So looking forward to High June! Also super excited that you finally saw season 2 of Lost in Space and will get to hear what you thought of it. You know I’m a fan of the series. When will we get to hear your take on Star Wars Episode III Revenge of the Sith? I’m following along with you and rewatching the movies with my son.

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    1. LG,
      So glad you’re such a fan. Clearly we’re looking forward to High June, too. Yeah, we know you love Lost in Space. The Beard had some difficulty with the first few episodes of Season Two, but there was one episode in particular that midway through had us crying like little girls. Stay tuned for our Autopsy this Friday. As for Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith, we will get to it. I love when people follow along and comment, so probably next week. Again, not one of our favorite Star Wars movies so expect low ratings. Glad that you’re sharing these special cinematic moments with your son. My strongest memories are tied to those special times I shared cinematic moments with the relevant people in my life — my three sons most especially.


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