GEEKTOBERFEST: Gene Roddenberry’s spectre

Gene Roddenberry’s  SPECTRE SPECTRE is a 1977 British horror film made-for-television and produced by Gene Roddenberry. Yes, that’s right I said Gene Roddenberry. He also co-wrote it with Samuel A. Peebles (ADVANCE TO THE REAR [1967], FINAL CHAPTER: WALKING TALL [1977])and it was directed by Clive Donner (WHAT’S NEW PUSSYCAT? [1965], DEAD MAN’S FOLLY [1986]). The plot revolves […]

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Reading Sanctum: Potpourri #4

Reading Sanctum: Potpourri is one of our continuing features of quick cut book reviews to help you find some otherwise innocuous books that might have escaped your attention. As a huge library/book reader geek, I love sharing stories about the books I am reading. So if you love books like I love books, then you […]

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