Enter the Maelstrom Video #1

4 thoughts on “Enter the Maelstrom Video #1

  1. Mustache and Beard thanks for sharing your extensive list of binge worthy series featuring comic book characters available on Netflix. My son and I watched Smallville religiously therefore I’m going to check out the Arrow Verse franchise especially since they have more seasons and episodes available. What did we all do before binge watching? Lol!

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    1. LadyGeek,
      I was trying to think of a response to your question, “What did we do before binge watching?” We used to buy the entire seasons of shows on DVD. That’s what I did with 24 and West Wing. Even the first two seasons of Star Trek TOS (the original show). You’re welcome. Lol!


      1. True, I have all of Buffy the Vampire Slayer in a boxed set as well as Smallville, Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings Trilogy among others. But, even then we didn’t binge watch like we do now. Here’s to not having to get up except to go relieve yourself – I for one love the digital streaming age!

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