Geektoberfest Day 9: Autopsy Video #1 — Another Life

The Show Notes for Autopsy Video #1

  • For many of the youth that knew us way back when we were in our 20’s, our brothers, Marc, Jose (Abba), Junior, and I were the people to hang out with. Everyone wanted to be involved in our conversations. Jose was mostly the silent type, who would wait for a lull in the conversation, and then he would suddenly give a quip that would startle people into laughter because of its source. Sometimes, depending on his mood, he was a goofball along with Marc. Marc was the comedian who would perform whole routines to entertain us, almost on a loop, changing the stories we all witnessed, and altering the nuances to make them hilarious in a totally distinct way. I was more the leader, I guess, and my part was to be more hopeful and inspiring to the people around me. The Rah Rah guy. Junior was always wisdom incarnate and we listened because his anecdotes were laced with knowledge. Although, these Autopsy videos are essentially the Beard and I, Abba and Marc’s voices can be heard in them, if you listen hard enough.
  • The Beard and I created a set on my Dad’s patio in Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico where we constantly have to fight off the heat, the flies, lizards, roosters, and fruit bats. It isn’t easy living in the tropics. Dad actually comes out 5 seconds into the video to complain about people putting stuff on his Facebook page. It wasn’t even his profile page. He was complaining about the Home page scroll, believing that people had hacked him and were loading their stuff on his page. He is even more analog than we Grey Geeks. I can not make this stuff up.
  • Also, did you notice that the Beard kept stepping on my lines? He won’t let me get through an introduction without an interruption. He’s a little rude. This is what I’ve been contending with my entire life. Somebody should comment on that.
  • Three minutes into the show we communicated our Rating System involving Grey Geeks:
  1. 5 Grey Geeks is the rating for a near perfect work (Star Trek)
  2. 4 Grey Geeks is a high priority recommendation, something special (Babylon 5)
  3. 3 Grey Geeks is a low priority recommendation, some caveats (Scanners)
  4. 2 Grey Geeks is a bad work with possibility, not a total avoid (Killer Klowns from Outer Space)
  5. 1 Grey Geek is just awful with low redeeming value (Plan 9 from Outer Space)

The Mustache’s Rating:

4 Grey Geeks

The Beard’s Rating:

4 Grey Geeks

Please don’t forget to tap that LIKE button. We have more Autopsy videos planned, but if you have a suggestion for us, we would love to do that. Please comment, Like, and Share. We always appreciate the love. Tomorrow, the Beard has an article previewing the Avenger’s Game coming out in 2020. It’s looking pretty good, both the game and the Beard’s article, so stay tuned to this spot, our spot, your spot.

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