Special Edition Third Blogoversary Video Part 1

3 thoughts on “Special Edition Third Blogoversary Video Part 1

  1. Great to see you guys still doing what you do!

    Unfortunately I couldn’t really hear what Lance was saying. (Mind you, it was kind of noisy here)
    I’ve only seen one Castle episode, so don’t feel bad!
    Knives Out was a really fun movie.
    I had no idea Diamond made it on to TV, but I know the radio series well. Thanks for including a radio PI! 🙂
    Watched Mma Ramotswe on TV not that long ago, it was just as nice as you would hope having read the books.


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    1. Hi, VT. Glad to still be doing videos. Another tough year here in Puerto Rico, but we have fun.
      Sorry about the audio. That was beyond our control. I totally loved Knives Out. When the Beard and I talked about doing Private Investigators, we mentioned radio dramas. You know that we kind of love the old school stuff. I mean, we’ve talked about serials and one of our last videos was a VIP on Commando Cody. For this year, we’re looking to get our novel finished then published. Stay tuned. We’ll get there.


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