Art imitates life and sometimes life imitates art. We’re all used to seeing phasers, and blasters, and ray guns in countless sci fi movies and TV shows. And we understand they are props manufactured for the production. But lately I have come across some real-life firearms that look like they belong in a space movie rather than a gun shop. 

            These are not guns made for a movie. They are not concept guns, or toys, or even collector’s items. These are actual firearms manufactured to be mass produced and purchased by serious gun owners. 

            They are presented here in no particular order. 


First on our lift is the Vektor CP1. It is a semi-automatic pistol made in South Africa from 1996 to 2001. It was used by the South African Police Service but is popular in civilian markets and private security firms. It uses a .9mm cartridge in a box magazine. 

Do not ask me why but this gun makes me think of BLADE RUNNER (1982). The gun used by Harrison Ford is nothing like this one and I know it. 

But I can’t help it. Every time I look at this gun it makes me think of BLADE RUNNER. 


Mateba is a contraction for the Italian words MAcchine TErmo-BAlistiche – which means Thermo Ballistic Machines. It was a company based in Pavia, Italy. MTR stands for Ma Teba Revolver and the MTR-8 fires 8 rounds of .38 caliber ammunition.

This firearm succeeds in looking like the illegitimate offspring of a semi-automatic and a revolver. 

  • MATEBA 2006M

Also in the Mateba family. The 2006M fires 6 rounds of either .357 or .38 caliber ammunition.

This gun succeeds in looking futuristic and retro all at the same time. I think it’s the wooden handle.  


The Beretta U22 Neos is a .22 caliber Long Rifle semi-automatic, single action pistol. It has a 10 round box magazine. 

Beretta is a company with a long history. In fact, James Bond’s first gun was a Beretta 418. The company itself admits that their inspiration for this pistol was sci fi ray guns and it shows.


Last and best we have the Whitney Wolverine. It is an advanced, “space-age” (their words not mine) lightweight aluminum, semi-automatic, .22 caliber Long Rifle pistol. It uses a 10 round magazine.

Holy Mackerel! Now this looks like a sci fi ray gun.  

Before I go I would like to present an honorable mention. Anybody that knows me knows if I present a list I’m going to have an honorable mention.


The Mauser C96 is a semi-automatic pistol originally produced by the German company Mauser. It fires a 7.63mm cartridge from a 10 round internal magazine fed by a stripper clip. 

In its time the Mauser was very popular and used by over fifteen different countries with over a dozen variants and ten countries making their own copies. 

Now, you may ask why is this an honorable mention? It is certainly interesting looking and as mentioned popular but it doesn’t really look very sci fi. How does it fit in? 

Well, it seems that the C96 Mauser was popular enough to be used as the basis for not one, not two, but three sci fi guns. 

It is the inspiration for Buck Rogers’ atomic pistol. You remember Buck Rogers don’t you? The guy who taught Captain Kirk everything he knows. 


It is the inspiration for the Green Hornet’s original gas gun. You remember the Green Hornet, Bruce Lee taught him everything he knows.

And if all that is too retro and you want something more topical, the Mauser also inspired Han Solo’s blaster in STAR WARS (1977).

Any firearm that can inspire three different sci fi guns spanning over 30 years deserves an honorable mention. 

That is it for this go around boys and girls. As a gun enthusiast thank you for letting me share my interest with all of you. Until next time, “Slap leather, pardner!”

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