Codename Capricorn: Hello, 2022!

To all our followers: geeks, nerds, freaks, collectors, and otherwise, I wish you all, Happy New Year! I don’t need to write about how 2021 was so challenging, so I won’t belabor the point, other than to repeat what I said about 2020. Thank the Good Lord that bitch is dead.

This January our thoughts will turn to secret agents, spies, and all things espionage, but guess what? The Mustache and the Beard are dealing with another issue. The Beard decided to take a vacation to Florida where numerous relatives reside. It had been two years since his last visit, so who can blame him for wanting to spend the Christmas holidays celebrating with his daughters, grandchildren, brother and his family.

After the holidays, he left the protective environment of his family to go stand on a line for his mandatory Covid test to return to Puerto Rico. There was no social distancing and very few masked. People not wearing masks made fun of those who wore masks. The Beard took off his mask. Do you see where I’m going with this?

Inevitably, my partner in crime, my PIC, my best buddy of more than 36 years is sick with Covid. Even though he is with loved ones, he must isolate. He doesn’t want to get anyone sick, but of course his brother, his sister in-law and niece, even one of his daughters, all have Covid, as well. Ironically, things are getting worse here in Puerto Rico, too.

Our town of Cabo Rojo has become a hotspot due to its proximity to several world renown beaches and the overenthusiastic attempt at restoring the tourist trade to pre-pandemic proportions. I hate to sound like a broken record alarmist. Please protect yourselves! This $#!+ is not over!

It may be something we have to contend with for the rest of our lives, and if that is the case then shouldn’t we all find a common set of protocols to help us adapt to our new normal? I recognize that people should be free, but is wearing a mask such a major challenge?

I used to hate wearing my seat belt. Yet, when I get in my car, I no longer even think about it. At the end of every video, the Beard and I end with our standard closing. “Thanks for watching! We love you! Take it easy! And Peace!” Those are not just words we say, but absolute beliefs!

We are incredibly grateful for the very few people that watch us. So grateful that we are emotionally moved by it. We are two ugly, fat old guys that love to talk about geek culture and genre entertainment, and even though we have just a few followers we feel very fortunate to be able to do what we do.

We sincerely love everyone that reads a post, hits the like button, and especially comments. Every night before I sleep, I thank the Almighty for each and every single soul that is part of The Mustache and the Beard milieu. We have grown up, all our lives being asked what we thought about. . .

People still do that. We were asked about the new James Bond movie. Hold your horses, John. We will get there. Ericka has things she wants us to talk about. Lance the Obscure Movie Guy wants us to check out a comic. I have a list from talking with the Beard’s family.

Listen, all of this is to say, we hear you; will you please hear me. Protect yourselves. Wear the mask. Distance. Get the vaccine. January 11th is my booster. Pray for us; as we pray for you.

With that having been said, I apologize for all the gathering of belly button lint. I’m old and sometimes I get an itch that needs to be scratched. God Bless!

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