Space May Days: Star Wars Day for a Fanboy

Last year, we at the Mustache and the Beard decided to celebrate this Geek holiday, because first and foremost we love the franchise, and secondly this is why the Mustache and the Beard was created. I won’t revisit what I said back then because obviously you can go back and read what I wrote then. I will remind you though that I was 12 years old in 1977, when the first movie came out. So I experienced the magic as it happened, although none of us knew what it would become.

The Beard and I had so much fun last year, that we decided to take the entire month of May this year to celebrate space operas, science fiction, and all things “out there.” As we do with our specialty months, we generally make them pretty broad and try to incorporate as much content as we possibly can within our fixed parameters. We always want to accomplish more, because we love what we do, but sometimes conditions here in Puerto Rico limit what we can do.

Looking forward, we want to continue our Autopsies of the Star Wars franchise. We have already done the first two movies with some major complaints. I have not activated those videos yet because we hate trashing anything about Star Wars, but let’s be honest, without the middle trilogy, the story would not remain as compelling as it is. In retrospect, we probably should have done the Autopsies in the order they were released. Who gives a $#!+ about the midichlorians?

Another of our intentions for the month is to remind you of our initial “About Us” posts where we wrote about our unique geekeries. I told you that we do not believe in the false dichotomies that people create for science fiction geeks. That is: if you love Star Wars you can not love Star Trek.

Spock would say “Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations.” Han would probably say, “Whatever you say your Worshipfulness!” I would simply say in my Brooklyn accent “Bull$#!t!” I can love them both, and I do! They serve different purposes. One is fantasy, the other is speculative. It is like saying that I have to choose between Heinlein and Bradbury. Not going to happen. I love them both. Could you choose between your children?

If you follow me on Goodreads, you probably have noticed that over the past three years, I have read over 30 Star Trek novels. This month I will focus on Reading Sanctums Potpourri style, where I will publish my reviews for some of the books I have read. There are good ones and there are also some real stinkers.

One of the things that we have already decided is that we are looking to do another Essential Movies for the Cinephile. It would be our C.A.M.P.Y. #10 where we would induct a whole new class of classic science fiction movies. We have not finalized our list, so if you have a few suggestions, drop us a line. It is as easy as commenting right at the end of this post. Remember that Forbidden Planet has already received its induction. Other than that I think the field is still pretty clear.

Last but not least, the last time the Beard and I went to the comic shop, I remember that the owner asked him what was his favorite Trek movie. He told the guy, Galaxy Quest. The guy laughed and said, “Oh, yeah!” It was an interesting moment of connection. When we saw that Galaxy Quest is available on Amazon Prime for free, we said that we would talk about this movie. However, even more like Kismet, I noticed that there is also a documentary on this movie which was released in 1999.

During this month, we will also most assuredly have an Autopsy Plus on the movie Galaxy Quest (1999) and the documentary Never Surrender: A Galaxy Quest Documentary (2019). I have included the YouTube documentary promo video for your perusal. Both movies are free and available on Amazon Prime this month. Check them out so that you can be in on our conversation.

Well, my fellow Geeksters, I think that is all for me. Remember that the Mustache and the Beard love you all! You are not alone. Everyone has things that they geek out over. There was a time when I was called a nerd and I felt I was demeaned. Now, I wear the name as a badge, although I prefer Geek.

Thanks for hanging with me. Happy Star Wars Day! See you, later. Take it easy. Peace!

2 thoughts on “Space May Days: Star Wars Day for a Fanboy

  1. I suspect you’ve already got many of these on your list, but…
    Planet of the Apes (1968)
    2001 (1968)
    Island of Lost Souls (1932)

    And a small list of science fiction films from the 50’s for your consideration…
    The Day the Earth Stood Still (51)
    The Thing from Another World (51)
    It Came From Outer Space (53)
    Them! (54)
    Invasion of the Body Snatchers (56)
    Earth vs the Flying Saucers (56)
    20 Million Miles to Earth (57)

    Is Dr. Strangelove science fiction?!

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  2. VT, I’m embarrassed to say that we forgot the most obvious, The Planet of the Apes, which I call obvious because I own the POTA collection. Thanks for the reminder. I love it when we get comments that are helpful. Dr. Strangelove is more satire, comedy, antiwar. Them is on our list as are most of the others. Invasion of the Body Snatchers might work. I love that movie. We didn’t think of that one either. In any case, stay tuned to see what we came up with.

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