Part 2

Welcome back, ladies and gents. Last time we talked about the long awaited return of The Fantastic Four as a monthly title. We examined the debut issue plus issues two and three. This time around we will take a look at issues four, five and six. Especially issue five. I can’t wait to get to issue number five. With that having been said, and with apologies to my partner The Mustache, let’s jump right in with FANTASTIC FOUR #4.

The Fantastic Four family are reunited and headed back to Earth. But things ain’t the way they used to be. The Wrecking Crew attempts to rob a store right across the street from the Baxter Building – something no one has ever done before. Because the Baxter Building was the home of The Fantastic Four. But it isn’t anymore and the Wrecking crew is counting on that. However, although the FF no longer live in the Baxter Building it has become the headquarters to a new group – The Fantastix.

Meanwhile back in the multiverse Reed is busy sending everyone home and the Future Foundation decide to stay together and search for the pieces of the dead Molecule Man and see if they can put him back together.

When the FF finally arrive back on Earth, Ben takes off for home while the rest head for the Baxter Building where they arrive in time to see the Fantastix take on the Wrecking Crew – complete with screaming fans holding up signs, media covering the event, and a public relations person talking up a storm and trying to make the FF look bad. Valeria Richards – she of the superhuman intelligence – figures out the whole thing was staged as a publicity stunt by the Fantastix’s PR person – who by the way gets fired.

The Fantastix didn’t know it was staged and anyway they now own the Baxter Building. Therefore, Reed makes no fuss, welcomes them to the super-hero game and Ben shows up in the original Fantasti-Car to take them home. Home happens to be the building he owns – Number Four Yancy Street.

Thumbs Down

All that sending people home and saying goodbye kind of drags a little. It’s all one big yawn.

Not too much action this time around. It’s mostly characterization.

Thumbs Up

The Fantastix look interesting – it’s them on the cover. They’re not interesting enough to automatically start a fan club but interesting enough to want to see more of them.

They got rid of the Future Foundation. That alone is worth the price.

OMG! I have missed Johnny Storm and he made me laugh this issue.

Way to go Val! Valeria and Franklyn have grown up. They are teenagers now and have distinct personalities of their own. Valeria’s includes having a smart mouth.

Ya gotta love the FF living on Yancy Street!

I liked this issue. Despite its faults I really liked it. The Fantastic Four is back in a style that suits them. The art is beautiful and the story is for today’s audience but harkens back to how the team began. Let’s just hope it all appeals to fans. I enthusiastically give this issue Four Gray Geeks.

Get out your hankies people it’s cryin’ time! This issue is told in five parts – what else do you expect from a 60-page extravaganza?

Part One: “4 Yancy Street”

The FF moves into their new digs and Reed – being Reed – just can’t leave things alone. There was some concern over room so he and Valeria borrowed from Doctor Who, folded in some dimensions, and their building is now bigger on the inside than in the outside.

Part Two: “Change Partners”

Sue Richards tries to help Ben learn to dance for his wedding. In the process we’re treated to a flashback on how it all started. The interesting thing is while the origin is what we knew we’re treated to new aspects of the four’s relationships and the dynamics they had before they became the FF.

Part Three: “4 Yancy Street” – again!

Reed is the best man. He is the one who is supposed to come up with a bachelor party. But he cops out and Johnny has to do it. Oh Boy!

Part Four: “Guys Night Out!”

Ben’s bachelor party is the same night as Alicia’s bachelorette party. Her party must have been tame because we don’t get to see what happens – except for one scene in a male strip joint. The same can’t be said for Ben’s party. We start out with an All-Star super-hero guest list include Starlord, Rocket Raccoon, Iron Man, Black Panther, Thor (who brought mead from Asgard), Luke Cage, Dr. Strange,  D-Man, Vance Astro, Wundarr, Spider-Man, and Thundra. The last one refused to go with the girls and went with the guys. First they head for Madison Square Garden and UCW Wrestling where they convince Ben to get in the ring and he pulls a groin muscle – right before his wedding. Next they go to a beer joint and the party gets busted up by the female Serpent Society popping out of a cake – I kid you not! After the fight the guys try some nice, easy poker. Then they let Thundra con them into playing strip poker and we get to see most of the male Marvel heroes au naturel while Thundra doesn’t lose a thing. Ben and Thundra then get into a brawl and wreck the joint. The party ends with Ben and Johnny sitting on the curb having a heart to heart.

Part Five: “Four Minute Warning”

It’s the wedding day and the FF fly down to Arizona. That’s where Ben’s uncle and aunt live and that is where they are getting married. This whole time Ben has been demanding there be no super-hero shenanigans at his wedding. That was why he didn’t invite any super-heroes. But he forgot to tell Doctor Doom. The good doctor crashes the ceremony by broadcasting a message in the sky to everyone on the planet letting them know that Galactus is on the way but he has it taken care of and he wants NO ONE to interfere. So of course the FF is going to fly to Latveria and interfere. But not before Ben and Alicia get married. And they do! And I cried!

Thumbs Down

Not a thing, not a blessed thing wrong with this issue.

Thumbs Up

This issue starts out with a memorial page to Stan Lee. Man, they got me crying with page one.

I love their new headquarters, I love that it is on Yancy Street, I love that it is bigger on the inside than the outside, and I hope they never return to the Baxter Building.

I love the way the characters interact in this series. They are the same Fantastic Four we all know and love but at the same time we’re aware of everything they have gone thru over the years and it shows.

They even got the Rabbi from Ben’s bar mitzvah. Talk about attention to detail.

I always cry at weddings. I cried at this one.

I love this issue! This was a wedding I’ve waited more than 50 years for. With handkerchief in hand I give this issue Five Gray Geeks and if I could I would give it more.

In Latveria, Doctor Doom takes on Galactus and the Fantastic Four show up. He dispatches an underling to take care of them. They think it might be a herald of Galactus but her name is Victorious and she is the herald of Galactus. It turns out to be a set up and Doom has not only lured the FF but Galactus into a trap.

Thumbs Down

I have gotten tired of Galactus. He has been used too many times and each time he seems to get more and more watered down. 

Thumbs Up

Doctor Doom is back! Enough said!

Great artwork – again.

Great interplay between the FF. Man! I have missed this.

The interlude where they show the rest of the family back home – priceless!

Another great issue. While they may not be getting homeruns with every issue they are getting hits. I lovingly give this issue Four Gray Geeks.

That is it for now gang. See you next time when I’ll cover issues seven, eight, and nine. I hope you had fun and I hope you enjoyed being with me cause I sure enjoy being with all of you. Remember neighbors it is still dangerous out there. Wear your mask, wear your gloves, be the super-hero you always knew you were. Hasta la vista!

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