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BONANZA TV is a package of three episodes from the hit TV western series BONANZA. The three episodes come from its first and second seasons and it is offered on Amazon Prime for free.

BONANZA is a western series that ran on NBC from 1959 to 1974 making 14 seasons and 431 episodes. The only other TV western to beat it for longevity is GUNSMOKE. It initially starred Lorne Greene, Pernell Roberts, Dan Blocker, and Michael Landon. The show was created by David Dortort who also created THE HIGH CHAPARRAL. He was also an executive producer. BONANZA tells the story of Ben Cartwright and his three very different sons – Adam, Hoss, and Little Joe. They own and run a ranch in Nevada called the Ponderosa.

The three episodes in this package are:

THE LAST TROPHY (episode #27)

A British aristocratic couple, the husband an old friend of Ben, visit the Ponderosa. It soon becomes obvious that the wife believes her husband to be a coward. All of that changes when the couple and Adam are kidnaped during a hunting trip. Hazel Court guest stars as Lady Beatrice and Edward Ashley as Lord Marion.

This was an interesting episode and highlights the way BONANZA was able to focus on one series regular (Adam) while still having the other regulars appear and center stage given to guest stars. No one did this better than BONANZA.

On our rating scale I give this four grey geeks.

THE AVENGER (episode #26)

A stranger named Lassiter helps Hoss and Little Joe. Ben and Adam have been unjustly convicted and sentenced to hang. Lassiter’s father was lynched in Kansas and he is searching for the men who did it. Vic Morrow guest stars as Lassiter.

This has always been my absolute favorite episode of Bonanza and I was delighted to see it included in this package. I love Vic Morrow and I’ve always felt this episode should have been used as a spinoff pilot for his own western series. His character was too good for just one story.

On our rating scale I give this four and a half grey geeks.

THE SPITFIRE (episode #49)

A Kentucky matriarch and her family seek revenge against Little Joe for having shot and killed one of her sons. It was in self-defense after he stopped the man from setting a forest fire. Katherine Warren guest stars as Maud Hoad and Anita Sands as Willow Hoad.  

This episode smoothly crosses from drama to comedy to drama and makes it work. This was another great thing BONANZA does. Its one shortcoming may be that the story is told too quickly in order to be resolved in an hour. But that can be said of most TV shows.

On our rating scale I give this four grey geeks.

I’ve always been a huge fan of BONANZA and can fondly remember watching it as a kid with my parents. I was delighted to come across this package while surfing thru Amazon Prime. Finding it felt almost like Christmas. I wholeheartedly recommend this package, I recommend the entire BONANZA series, and I recommend TV westerns in general. You will not be disappointed.

That’s it for now buckaroos. See ya next time and may you always ride into the sunset with the one you love. Yeeha!

One thought on “BONANZA TV

  1. Hey there Beard! I remember watching Bonanza as a kid and my sister’s having a crush on Little Joe. I loved Hoss’s temperament and strength! Thanks for this nostalgic gem!


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