The Arrowverse Continuity: An Obsessive Compulsive’s View (Part I)

Let’s get some things out of the way from the get. I can freely admit that I get a little nuts about continuity. We geeks can argue about the silliest things at times. However, I admit (and you must too) that sometimes we rant and rave about things that seem extremely important to us and really trivial to someone else.

For instance, how can Obi Wan say he doesn’t remember owning a droid, when all throughout the first trilogy C3PO and especially R2D2 are travelling with Anakin and Obi Wan? An ex-significant-other argued about things that happened on Grey’s Anatomy, and I never overtly rolled my eyes, while I silently, and attentively (I hoped) nodded my head, and gasped at the parts that seemed appropriate. Clearly, I wasn’t as successful at the attentive part as I’d hoped. Hence, the ex part.

Having said that, I want it understood that what follows is my chronology. It has been informed and altered by others’ opinions, but it is MY chronology. It is what best fits MY brain. Because I’m a rational person, and I feel extremely open-minded, I welcome a disagreement on the placing of a specific episode, but be warned. If you wish to sway me to change this written continuity, come with facts and hard data. You can be sure, I will.

I initially did this chronology when I came to Puerto Rico to stay with Dad. I had watched the Arrowverse shows on Netflix before coming to Puerto Rico, and had decided that I was going to do a blog that would go through every single episode of the Arrowverse shows. Admittedly, in retrospect, it sounds nuts. I’m really not crazy, my Mom had me tested, and I have iron-clad documentation. Although, I sometimes spontaneously drool and forget how I wound up in the street only wearing clean underwear. All right, mostly clean.

The blog didn’t happen, but I did the prep work. As you should already know, if you follow the blog, I’m the obsessive compulsive part of this blog. I plan and over-plan sometimes, because I love this thing we’ve built here at the Mustache and the Beard. The Beard loves it too, but he has a much more laissez faire attitude. It’s his way. I don’t try to change him and he doesn’t try to change me. Its worked for us for a very long time. I don’t worry about him being under-prepared. The Beard has an eidetic memory, so as I’m speaking he’s going through his extensive database for little nuggets to engage, astound, and even make you guffaw explosively.

Okay, I can see this is going to be a very long post. Sorry about that. Just a couple of things regarding how I’ve set this up. I, of course, want this to be neat and understandable. To that end, everything will be straight forward. It starts off pretty easy; Arrow went 2 full seasons before the Flash was added, then Supergirl. When a show is not available on Netflix I will indicate with a note next to the show. Also, The show and episode will be identified in the following manner: Arrow 1.01 means Arrow season 1, episode 01. Anything that I believe needs further explanation, will happen spontaneously and if the explanation isn’t sufficient, please comment. They thrill me.

The Arrowverse Continuity: An Obsessive Compulsive Point of View

Arrow 1.01 to Arrow 1.23 (The entire first season of Arrow)

Arrow 2.01 to Arrow 2.23 (The entire second season of Arrow)

Arrow 3.01 to Flash 1.01 to Arrow 3.02 to Flash 1.02

Arrow 3.03 to Flash 1.03 to Arrow 3.04 to Flash 1.04

Arrow 3.05 to Flash 1.05 to Arrow 3.06 to Flash 1.06

(Vixen the Animated Show had 6 short episodes — 5 minutes each — that are part of the Arrowverse continuity which introduced Arrow and Flash to Vixen. They refer to their meeting in the episodes that follow. It was originally shown on the CW SEED a free on-line service that has awesome shows, but are not currently available except on YouTube or pay streaming sites like Hulu. They are Vixen 1.01 to 1.06. They are not essential episodes to the continuity, but were cool to watch.)

Arrow 3.07 to Flash 1.07 to Flash 1.08 to Arrow 3.08 (note crossover episodes)

Flash 1.09 to Arrow 3.09 to Flash 1.10 to Arrow 3.10

Flash 1.11 to Arrow 3.11 to Flash 1.12 to Arrow 3.12

Flash 1.13 to Arrow 3.13 to Flash 1.14 to Arrow 3.14

Arrow 3.15 to Flash 1.15 to Arrow 3.16 to Flash 1.16

Arrow 3.17 to Flash 1.17 to Arrow 3.18 to Flash 1.18

Arrow 3.19 to Flash 1.19 to Arrow 3.20 to Flash 1.20

Arrow 3.21 to Flash 1.21 to Arrow 3.22 to Flash 1.22

Arrow 3.23 to Flash 1.23

(Here, I watched the second season of Vixen 2.01 to 2.06. Again, not essential to watch, but cool that they add color — no pun intended — to the universe. I would include here the entire run of Constantine 1.01 to 1.13 available for free on the CW Seed. Even though his show only ran for one season, he is used frequently in the Arrowverse.)

Flash 2.01 to Arrow 4.01 to Flash 2.02 to Arrow 4.02

Flash 2.03 to Arrow 4.03 to Supergirl 1.01

Flash 2.04 to Arrow 4.04 to Supergirl 1.02

Flash 2.05 to Arrow 4.05 to Supergirl 1.03

Flash 2.06 to Arrow 4.06 to Supergirl 1.04

Flash 2.07 to Arrow 4.07 to Supergirl 1.05

Supergirl 1.06 to Flash 2.08 to Arrow 4.08

Supergirl 1.07 to Flash 2.09 to Arrow 4.09

Supergirl 1.08 to Supergirl 1.09 to Supergirl 1.10

Flash 2.10 to Arrow 2.10

(Legends of Tomorrow began mid-season which I worried would be the kiss of death, but smartly it cannibalized characters that had already been introduced in the other shows. It is also the most science fiction oriented show of the Arrowverse which expanded the audience significantly.)

Legends 1.01 to Supergirl 1.11 to Flash 2.11 to Arrow 4.11

Legends 1.02 to Supergirl 1.12 to Flash 2.12 to Arrow 4.12

Legends 1.03 to Supergirl 1.13 to Flash 2.13 to Arrow 4.13

Legends 1.04 to Flash 2.14 to Arrow 4.14

Legends 1.05 to Supergirl 1.14 to Flash 2.15 to Arrow 4.15

Legends 1.06 to Supergirl 1.15 to Legends 1.07 to Legends 1.08

Supergirl 1.16 to Supergirl 1.17 to Flash 2.16 to Arrow 4.16

Supergirl 1.18 to Flash 2.17 to Arrow 4.17 to Legends 1.09

Arrow 4.18 to Legends 1.10 to Legends 1.11 to Supergirl 1.19

Flash 2.18 to Supergirl 1.20 to Legends 1.12 to Flash 2.19

Arrow 4.19 to Legends 1.13 to Flash 2.20 to Arrow 4.20

Legends 1.14 to Flash 2.21 to Arrow 4.21

Legends 1.15 to Flash 2.22 to Arrow 4.22

Legends 1.16 to Flash 2.23 to Arrow 4.23

I think I have to stop here and this is going to go into a part II. Clearly, this may not appeal to everyone to watch the shows this way, but if you are OCD or just curious if I got this right, feel free to start these shows in order. I really love them. Not every episode is a winner, but there is a lot of good here, and even some great.

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