Awards Ceremony 2020: Year One

2 thoughts on “Awards Ceremony 2020: Year One

  1. Congratulations, Mustache and Beard for another wonderful launch party! The induction ceremony for the House of Whispers and Shadows revealed that I totally agreed with the viewers picks for this year’s Horror Hall of Fame Awards. Your attention to detail with the Elvira Award and the appearance of The Count was amazing! Keep those creative juices flowing!

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    1. First, thank you, Lady Geek, for voting. All of your contributions make us better, and compel us to want to do better each time we sit in front of the camera. The addition of the Count was something I didn’t clear with the Beard, because he had told me to save him and Captain Chaos for Halloween, but it seemed perfect and his reaction on camera was priceless. Wearing the hats was more an homage to Marc and Mom. When I told the Beard that the hats belonged to Mom, the Beard said he’d wear them anytime. The Beard chose the Elvira Award and we put it together to be a 3D thing. I think everything worked out well, except that there were only five voters. I hope next year we will get more interaction. As always, thank you for being a follower, a fan, and such an avid supporter of our work.


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