My Top Ten Favorite Episodes — these are the episodes that I have watched again and again, because they are THAT good!

10. Prophecy Girl

Buffy’s watcher, Giles, is unsettled when he reads a prophecy that reveals the Master Vampire will rise killing the Slayer and thereby unleashing the apocalypse.  This prophecy coupled with a powerful earthquake in Sunnydale signifies that the master is indeed regaining his power and causes Giles to panic. 

His first instinct is to protect Buffy but once she learns of the prophecy, she decides she will not run and hide.  It’s Prom Night and while dressed in a virginal white gown Buffy knocks Giles out and goes to the master’s lair to meet her destiny.  In this Season 1 finale, Buffy comes into her own and demonstrates what she is made of – and it is not sugar and spice! Go girl power!

9. School Hard

Buffy frets about her mother coming to Parent Teacher Conferences at Sunnydale High.  Fearing what her mother will learn from Principal Snyder she enlists her friends to divert her attention.  In this episode we meet Spike for the very first time. Yay, Spike!  Spike is accompanied by Drusilla an eccentric vampire who is off her rocker.  Both characters add new dimensions to the Buffy’s story. 

8. Halloween

On Halloween night the residents of Sunnydale fall victim to a magic spell, turning the townspeople into the characters they have dressed as. Buffy who has fallen hard for 200-year-old Angel, hopes to catch his attention dressed as a woman from the 18th century.  Unfortunately, under the magic spell, she is now prone to swooning and hoping some man will save her.  Spike and his gang of demons set their sights on a compromised Buffy who has been reduced to a mere damsel in distress.  This episode is lots of fun to watch!

7. Surprise

Buffy and Angel take their relationship to the next level, they have sex, on her 17th birthday, and what happens next will knock you off your seat, bed, whatever. Better yet, for your safety, watch it while you are laying on the floor!

6. Buffy vs Dracula

Buffy is experiencing boredom and restlessness. She seeks the thrill of combat with a late-night hunt in the cemetery.  There she encounters Count Dracula, and is enthralled by the fact that he knows who she is.  He draws her in with his penetrating eyes and entices her with thoughts of exploring her inner darkness.  Dracula has come to Sunnydale to make Buffy his bride. 

Just as he is portrayed in the novel, Dracula has hypnotic powers and can appear in different forms: mist, a vampire, a wolf, or a bat.  There’s a dramatic fight scene between Buffy and Dracula that you won’t want to miss.  The experience with Dracula prompts Buffy to seek Giles’ help in learning more about the Slayer’s origins and powers. It is also the episode that introduces a new essential character to the show.

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