Red Capers # 17

4 thoughts on “Red Capers # 17

  1. Hey PICs engaging episode today! You guys have been quite busy. Love the concept of nominating horror films, actors and writers. I submitted my votes already! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with as a culminating event. Mustache, glad you finished watching Drácula. Beard tsk, tsk. While I enjoyed watching this series I do acknowledge that writers are over playing the use of supernatural instead of sticking to the horror formula. I’ve recently been disappointed by two series (Black Spot and Dublin Murders) these shows had true potential but in the end copped out with the supernatural stuff. Reminds me of the epic fail that was the finale of Twin Peaks and the twists and turns of Lost that made me lose interest in the tv series. As critics it’s important to share with viewers what works and what doesn’t. Differing opinions may strike a chord with some subscribers and prompt them to respond.

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    1. Hello, LadyGeek! Glad you already voted. Remember that you can vote as many times as you like. I’m writing my Dracula review in a few minutes, after I finish with my emails. Yeah, I’m not sure what the Beard’s issues are, but he said he wasn’t into it after the first episode. I’m sure that it is pretty consistent with my feelings about messing with a “Classic” and still calling it Dracula. I heard of Black Spot but not Dublin Murders. I’m making sure that neither gets on my queue. I look forward to checking out your votes when we tally on the 28th of March.


  2. Mustache, I disagree. Who wants another rehashing of the classic. I like that it was reimagined in so many ways. The first episode remains true to the original, the 2nd creative and the last is where the story crumbles a bit. I thought the Danish actor who played Dracula was amazing. He
    was suave, debonair, witty and frightfully evil all in one. I also liked the cat and mouse banter between him and Agatha Van Helsing. It was a nice surprise that the sexual tension is between Dracula and his nemesis. Can’t wait to read your take! I’m almost afraid now for you to see Pride and Prejudice and Zombies! Lol!

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  3. LadyGeek, I’m kind of glad you disagree. I don’t want everyone to agree with me. I want them to hear my well-reasoned argument, and then say, “OK. I see where you’re coming from.” When I speak of the classic, I’m not holding it up as a sacred cow to be adored. I’m not expecting a rehash of the classic.story unless you call it Dracula. If you’re changing Stoker’s character, or story SO much that it is barely recognizable, you have to change the title. Call it “Dracula and then some, because I don’t have any original ideas for myself” that way I will know what to expect. It’s the same argument I had about the Conan movie. You can’t expect me to hear the name Dracula and not come away with certain expectations. My review is already written, but it will post in a few hours.


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