Lost in Space: Season 2 — A Lady Geek Review (Part II)

Contributing Writer

Dilsia Martinez

(Spoiler Warning for Season 1 — Obviously if writing about Season 2)

In the discussion of Lost in Space: Season 2, it should be noted that each episode in the series follows a predictable narrative structure.  What changes is the who, what, when, why, and how.

In episode 1 the seemingly complacent family faces a crisis when a significant tear in their “greenhouse” tent which has allowed them to recreate an earth- like atmosphere for growing plants now puts in peril their survival.  The water planet’s atmosphere is toxic, causing severe burns and blisters on the skin at exposure and kills their crops.  The Robinson’s have no other recourse than to find a way to escape. This talented family uses each family member’s intellect, skills and strengths to resolve and repair the ship.  They work in concert to convert the spaceship into a sea fairing vessel captained by no other than John Robinson played by Toby Stephens.  (For binge watchers extraordinaire, like myself, you will know that Toby Stephens also  played Captain Flint on Starz’s Black Sails. If you haven’t seen this series—it’s a must-watch.)  

You will note that the family is stronger and more united in purpose when they must come together to solve a multitude of challenges along the way.   First, to repair the ship and get off the water planet, second to reunite with the colonists on the Resolute,  next to find their missing Robot who has inevitably become a valued member of the family.  Even Dr. Smith puts aside her utter disdain for the family when her life is in peril. 

Family remains the central theme of Lost in Space.  Throughout the second season you may observe how well the family unit is doing after mom and dad have reconciled their differences.  Believe me the story is not without family conflict, but the issues that the Robinson’s deal with are plausible and realistic.   I especially loved how the story further explores the deep and respectful relationship between eldest daughter,  Judy,  and her stepdad, John;  it also informs the viewers on the disappearance of her biological father, Grant Kelly. 

Beyond “family” the series extensively explores the theme of friendship:  Will and the Robot’s friendship, the friendship between Penny and the new boy Vijay, Dr. Smith and Don, and the Robot and Scarecrow.  One of the best parts is when we get to see Dr. Smith and Robot interact and deal with their fractured “friendship.”

Perseverance is doing something despite difficulty, failure, delay or opposition in achieving success.  It is another a common theme across this series.  Each character demonstrates perseverance in one way or the other.  For example, after John gets himself into another life and death predicament, it is 19-year-old Judy who races across a planet to save him,  persevering alone and through the distance with only the ghosts of her past.

Similarly, Maureen is just amazing!  Faced with challenges and setbacks– every which way she turns- she doesn’t give up! You’ll love her after one harrowing scene and she sums it up by saying, “It’s just math.”  Yet,  it is the Robot, who continues to adopt more human-like characteristics, that demonstrates perseverance in the most admirable ways by putting his own life force in jeopardy for Will, his family, and others of his kind.  I love this Robot!

Finally, the theme of redemption!  Redemption is the act of saving or being saved!  This one I’ll leave up to you!  Believe me it is in there in multiple and unpredictable ways. The series ends with a cliffhanger after two nail biting final episodes that will keep you on the edge of your seat.    I hope you enjoy watching season 2 of Lost in Space as much as I did.  I am going to watch the series in its entirety again!  It’s that good!  Ahhh, I would probably watch again even if it wasn’t this good!  I love revisiting remakes of old childhood favorites, but truly Lost in Space the reboot, captures the spirit of the original while re-imagining the possibilities for 2020!

Please take the time to comment, agree or disagree or just write about your favorite parts.

About Lady Geek:
My love of film was inspired by both of my parents who as children saved every cent to go to the cinema. In fact when my grandmother gave my dad a quarter for piano lessons, he sneaked off to watch a Tarzan movie! So from early on I was introduced to movies both at the cinema and on TV. Growing up we were the first family on the block with a color TV. I remember neighbors pouring in to take a look at our beautiful Motorola color console TV with push buttons! It was on that TV that our family gathered to watch great movies like the Ten Commandments, Ben Hur, Gone with the Wind, The Wizard of Oz to name just a few. But it wasn’t always great movies we watched. I remember running home from school as early as 1st grade to watch our favorite serial, Dark Shadows!

Even our play time was inspired by what we watched. My siblings and childhood friends re-enacted scenes from our favorite movies (Godzilla, King Kong) and TV shows (Star Trek, Land of the Giants, and Lost in Space). This love of the moving image has been passed on to my son! Many wonderful moments have been shared with him in front of a screen watching movies and animated series like Avatar:The Last Air-bender. To this day we won’t miss a Harry Potter marathon. Now of course he’s the one introducing me to new stuff like Full Metal Alchemist. One day I hope to pass on this fascination with the next generation. In the meantime, I know The Mustache and The Beard’s quirky but authentic reviews and insights will influence my viewing pleasure … and I’m grateful.

5 thoughts on “Lost in Space: Season 2 — A Lady Geek Review (Part II)

  1. Great work and thoughtful analysis! Really got a feel for what the characters are like! Can’t wait to watch !


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