Autopsy #8

3 thoughts on “Autopsy #8

  1. Hey PICs saw your autopsy on the new Conan the Barbarian. You gave a very honest review about what you thought was lacking – in an otherwise good movie -was mainly that the story did not meet the criteria for Conan. While I haven’t seen this movie as a lay viewer I probably wouldn’t know the difference because I’ve never read the comics. I did see the Arnold movies way back when but found it interesting that I thought you said those movies too failed to capture the character as well. That’s why your reviews stand out.

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    1. Thank you, Lady Geek, for being such an attentive watcher of these videos, because you are correct. Although we liked the Schwarzenegger movies, they were not true to the Robert E. Howard stories, either. They would get fewer Grey Geeks than this movie did!


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