Red Capers #14

One thought on “Red Capers #14

  1. Hey there! Mustache and Beard! Sorry that the tremors continue in PR; I was hoping and praying that February would bring some relief! As always you two draw me in with your extensive knowledge and deep fascination with film, comics and the like! Sooo looking forward to seeing The Towering Inferno a film I haven’t seen in years! Since it made to both your number 1 spot it’s now on my To Watch List. I might add that my Too Watch list has grown exponentially since you started your blog. I’ve watched movies I’ve never dreamed of seeing and have been pleasantly surprised. What I also like about your blog and videos is that your personalities shine through -no pretense here – just you and that is so refreshing. I am so honored to be counted among your friends and coined Lady Geek! Looking forward to contributions by the Mavens- I’m sure they’re a chip off the ole block! Peace! PICs!

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