Disastuary Begins: A Calendar to Follow-Along

Happy New Year, everyone! January is Disastuary, where we will be looking at disaster movies. This was a suggestion from one of our followers, and we felt it was important to give you a calendar to watch along with us. As we watch and communicate our impressions and reviews, we would hope that you would dialogue with us about these properties. We have paired up certain movies in an attempt to get through as many as possible, although we admit that some of these combinations are a little flimsy, but we’re having fun. Special thanks to Noreen Santos for the inspiration.


1/1/20 A Calendar to Follow-Along

1/3/20 Deep Impact (1998) / Armageddon (1998)

1/5/20 Red Capers # 11

1/6/20 Volcano (1997) / Dante’s Peak (1997)

1/8/20 Geostorm (2017) / Meteor (1979)

1/10/20 The Core (2003) / Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (1961)

1/12/20 Red Capers # 12

1/13/20 On the Beach (1959) / The Day After (1983)

1/15/20 Twister (1996) / The Day After Tomorrow (2004)

1/17/20 The Towering Inferno (1974)

1/19/20 Red Capers # 13

1/20/20 Earthquake (1974) / San Andreas (2015)

1/22/20 The Poseidon Adventure (1972) / Poseidon (2006)

1/24/20 2012 (2009) / The Swarm (1978)

1/26/20 Red Capers # 14

1/27/20 Airport Movies (1970 and 1975)

1/29/20 Sharknado Movies (2013 and more)

1/31/20 Man of Steel (2013) / Damage Control (Comics Mini-series)

3 thoughts on “Disastuary Begins: A Calendar to Follow-Along

  1. Hey guys Happy New Year! I’m looking forward to Disastuary month. I’ve seen many of these movies but there are still a number that I haven’t had the pleasure. I’ll try to see those so I am fully informed as you two discuss. I did see your first pairing long, long ago so I’m eager to watch to see which of the two you think was better and has lasted the test of time.

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  2. Happy New Year, Dilsia. Glad you’re looking forward to re-watching most of these movies. YouTube contains some of the older ones. By now, you might have read my last post where I talk about Armageddon and Deep Impact. I love the science in Deep Impact. (It is more realistic.) The Beard prefers the Armageddon story of Every-man as hero. We love them both, basically. The Beard says “Hi!”


    1. Mustache, agree both movies are very good and deserve to be watched. I too prefer Deep Impact over Armageddon because of the emotional back story. I actually cry every time I watch Tea Leoni grab her father tightly as the tsunami wave hits and they perish —let alone when the Astronauts each say goodbye to their families. Powerful movie! Armageddon was Good too Beard- especially the special effects.

      I will tell you that I’ve been trying to rewatch and/or watch the movies on your list. I’ve rewatched Dante’s Peak and Geostorm but boy is it hard to rewatch Earthquake … it just reeks of the 70s. But I’ve decided to push through (in small doses) just to see if at least the science is there to make it worth my while. Funny thing is I get distracted with other movies. As I searched for these movies I came across the original Planet of the Apes and its 2 sequels currently available on demand on TCM.

      You and yours remain in my prayers. Stay safe.

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