Red Capers #9

2 thoughts on “Red Capers #9

  1. Hey guys! Thanks for the shout out! I’ve had a ball watching your posts. Really enjoy how insightful you are. You’ve inspired this couch potato to re-watch some oldies as well as, venture into uncharted waters. For the record Mustache I was not criticizing your top 10 Horror List — just commenting on movies that were among my favorites. Hey, I conceded that I had not watched all your movies but recently saw IT and loved it. Most of all, I’ve enjoyed seeing that you two have remained the best of friends and bringing to fruition your blog. Reconnecting with you two after all these years has been truly awesome! I love following your reviews and your antics! Keep them coming! XOXO

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  2. Dilsiamart. apologies if I misrepresented an earlier discussion regarding my Top Ten Lists. I would love to see your list. It doesn’t have to be the same. I, too, have enjoyed reconnecting and the back and forth has been nothing short of spectacular and fun. When we started this blog, we were hoping for listener feedback. The interaction is not only what we hope for, but strive for. We also invited you to write a post yourself. I hope you take us up on that. We’ve invited a number of people to do that and will even add it as a special feature maybe called “Geek Forum.” Don’t just dismiss the idea out of hand. Think about it. I know you would do a stellar job, regardless of the topic.

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