Geektoberfest Day 31: Celebration Video

2 thoughts on “Geektoberfest Day 31: Celebration Video

  1. Hadn’t seen your Geektoberfest Celebration video until today! Lol! As Captain Chaos and The Count the storytelling was fantastic! You set the mood by turning off the lights and shining flashlights on your faces! You brought back amazing memories of our youth at the camp and the campfire stories. I actually live like 6 minutes away from the camp! I love it up north! My mother used to say I lived in el bosque de lobos because it’s so dark at night. Mustache your shiskabob cat story scared the begeebees out of me especially the DIY exorcism -I could picture the 3 of you at work! Thanks for entertaining me!

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  2. Glad you enjoyed it, Dilsiamart! Whenever we try new stuff, I get worried that we’re pushing the envelope too much, but people still seem to like what we do. I think as long as we’re being innovative, people will go along with us. I know we try to be creative, while recalling the nostalgia of how we became the grey geeks our followers appear to care about. We have 451 subscribers!!! We must be doing something right. I’m glad you were entertained by our stories, but I would NOT recommend the DIY exorcism. That could have gone horribly wrong! The thought that we might have put our family in greater danger haunts me, but thankfully God watches out for fools and the innocent. Who knows if we were more one than the other.


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