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STAR TREK: TITAN – TAKING WING is the first of a series of Star Trek novels taking place after the events shown in the film STAR TREK NEMESIS. The novel deals with the adventures of the U.S.S. TITAN commanded by a newly promoted Captain William T. Riker. The novel was written by Michael A. Martin and Andy Mangels


With the Dominion, the Cardassians, and the Romulans no longer a threat the Federation decides to go back to using its Starfleet for peaceful exploration and science. The U.S.S. TITAN is the first of a new class of starship designed for just this purpose. To assist Captain Riker in his mission is the most biologically and culturally varied and diverse crew in Starfleet’s history.

Because of the actions by Shinzon – the villain of STAR TREK NEMESIS – the Romulan Empire is in disarray and threatening to collapse. Neither the Federation nor the Klingons want this, as it would leave a power vacuum that would destabilize the quadrant and lead to chaos.

For this reason rather than send the U.S.S. TITAN on its stated mission of exploration, Riker and his crew are sent to Romulus to mediate power-sharing talks among the various factions battling for power. Along the way he has to deal with Klingons, the Romulan military, the dreaded Tal Shiar, Remans, and a certain Federation Ambassador named Spock who may be following his own agenda.

Main Characters


He is Captain of the U.S.S. TITAN after having served fifteen years as First Officer with Captain Picard.


She is the Diplomatic Officer and Chief Counselor – as well as Riker’s wife.


He starts out as an undercover intelligence agent after having served seven years with the U.S.S. VOYAGER as its Chief of Security. With the demise of Lt. Cmdr. Keru, Tuvok then becomes Security Chief and Tactical Officer onboard the TITAN.


She is head nurse on the U.S.S. TITAN after having served in a like capacity on the ENTERPRISE.


She is the head of Stellar Cartography on the TITAN. She first appeared in the STAR TREK: DEEP SPACE NINE episode titled “MELORA.”


He is the extremely tall high-ranking Starfleet Admiral who accompanies the TITAN on her diplomatic mission to Romulus. He first appeared as a newborn baby in the STAR TREK original series episode “FRIDAY’S CHILD” where he was given the name Leonard James Akaar after Leonard McCoy and James Kirk.


She is a Romulan ship’s captain and one of the two leaders of the Romulan military. She first appeared in STAR TREK NEMESIS.

Thumbs Up

This was an almost perfect effort. I so very much enjoyed reading this book and did not want to put it down nor did I want it to end. The pacing is perfect and the authors know how to perfectly balance characterization with action. It was also wonderful to see so many old friends from past STAR TREK series while at the same time meeting new friends. The first in a new series I can’t wait to read the follow up books. 

Thumbs Down

Apparently the authors of this book (Michael A. Martin and Andy Mangels) are proud of themselves for having mastered the Klingon and Romulan languages. I say this because they have this predilection to throw Romulan and Klingon phrases willy-nilly all over the place. I had no intentions of reading this book with my Romulan and Klingon dictionary next to me so I can stop and look up words. This was distracting, it was annoying, it was boring, and totally unnecessary. It took away from what otherwise would have been a superb effort.

Final Comments

I give STAR TREK: TITAN – TAKING WING four and a half geeks out of five.

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I would have given it a perfect five if the authors hadn’t been so fascinated with their mastery of alien languages.

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