Red Capers #18

2 thoughts on “Red Capers #18

  1. Glad the zany duo is back to inform, entertain and challenge! I’m amazed at how much you fit into your week! Looking forward to your 100th post guys- I’ll be tuning in with the rest of your fandom. By the way, Buffy is not currently available on Netflix. All 7 seasons are available on Hulu with subscription. On Amazon if you pay per episode or season I think.

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    1. Dear LadyGeek, thanks for being such an avid follower. I know I read a lot. It helps that I’ve discovered audiobooks. YouTube has so much stuff for free. 100 posts happened so fast. Hope you enjoy the post. Also, we appreciate the heads up on the Buffy episodes. We will make sure we inform the audience next week. Looking forward to your post. Hope you love the production on it.


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